Computer Contractor Professional Indemnity Insurance Brokers

Working as an IT specialist on a contractual basis appears to carry an ever greater weight of responsibility thanks to most firms’ greater reliance on computer systems. Many companies would not be able to operate without a fully functioning IT system and are therefore in big trouble when it breaks down. If a computer contractor is called in to fix a problem or improve security, but a system then crashes due to an honest mistake made by the contractor, the company in question may seek to recover any lost profit through the courts. This is when some insurance policies can prove to be a lifeline. One way of getting the best deal on this kind of legal cover can be found through computer contractor professional indemnity insurance brokers.

Brokers will usually provide a quote for a policy after an applicant has filled out a straightforward form. This will ask questions related to the nature of the business, how it is run and what level of cover is required. A broker will answer any questions about the cover and be able to suggest what an individual trader or company might need. In a nutshell, a basic professional indemnity insurance policy will step in to protect a computer contractor when they are sued by a client following a mistake or act of negligence. Some companies may even present a completely invalid claim – even mounting a defence against this will usually be expensive. Professional indemnity insurance pays the legal bills which mount up while defending such a case, although excesses and limitations, common with other types of cover, will usually apply.

Professional indemnity insurance will also pay for legal costs if a contractor faces a legal accusation that they have defamed someone through libel or slander. It will also help out in the event a contractor is accused of a breach of confidentiality or copyright infringement. In short, many of the legal pitfalls which have been known to cause companies problems. Computer contractor professional indemnity insurance brokers will also be able to provide extras like public liability insurance.

As with many types of insurance, indemnity cover will depend on the agreed excesses and limits. A firm which wants legal bills up to £50,000 covered is likely to pay less than a contractor needing cover for fees up to £1 million, for example. Larger excesses will, in turn, help to bring the cost of a premium down, as is the case with most common insurances.

Computer contractor professional indemnity insurance brokers can help provide cover which will safeguard a business against a variety of legal problems, some which may even financially ruin a company which does not have the right cover in place. All a contractor has to do is decide what level of cover is right for their business.


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