Getting a graphic design professional indemnity cover plan

May 5, 2009 · Filed Under graphic design professional indemnity cover 

When setting up a business it can be difficult to decide what you really need in terms of support and back-up. Of course, you will need to take out insurance for buildings and contents, and you may want a form of public liability cover as well. But there are also legal challenges which can arise, depending on the nature of a business, and this means a little extra may be needed. Designers, as hired professionals, are expected to deliver effective and accurate work, and could face difficulty if they ever fell short of this. This means graphic design professional indemnity cover can be vital in certain circumstances.

This is insurance which effectively pays out should you face a legal challenge following a mistake, omission, or act of negligence. For example, a designer might be hired to put together a brochure for a company which promotes its services. A straightforward mistake in the copy may mean that an individual or company is defamed because of it, and they can then take legal action against the clients, who may in turn take legal action against the designer.

While this is hardly commonplace, it is a genuine risk for anyone who is a designer, as defamation can be extremely damaging financially. Defending a legal case can be expensive and time consuming, and if you lose, you may have to pay a considerable amount of compensation and costs.

Graphic design professional indemnity cover picks up the bill for these costs, and typically does not only cover mistakes but also allegations that you have breached someone’s copyright or confidence, and even covers eventualities like slander and the allegation that you have lost or damaged important data or documents belonging to a client.

Graphic design professional indemnity cover can also be selected at different levels, as insurers will not pay out for indefinite amounts of legal protection and compensation. This means you can get a limit which is suitable to the size of your business while providing an affordable cost and strong level of cover. You can often even agree an excess, as with more typical types of cover, and can therefore reduce the cost if you feel you could cover an initial amount of legal support.


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