IT consultants’ insurance – the basics of a policy

July 12, 2010 · Filed Under IT contractors insurance 

Anyone in business might want to consider the various types of insurance out there. For example buildings insurance typically protects against something happening to your business premises. Another type of insurance that you may wish to consider if you are in the information technology business is IT consultants insurance.
A policy typically provides protection against several events.

What is IT consultants insurance?
As an IT consultant you are typically dealing with individuals and companies who rely on you and your advice. If you were to give someone advice that causes negative implications to a business, you may potentially find yourself facing a claim for compensation and a court case. This typically comes with often substantial costs, but with professional indemnity insurance, you may get assistance – up to a set limit – to help meet your legal costs.

Losing clients data or documentation
As an IT consultant you are probably around a great deal of data belonging to various clients. If something happened to this data or paperwork, you may be taken to court. Again IT Consultants insurance is there to help you out financially.

Breach of confidentiality
You may accidentally cause a breach of confidentiality. The insurance policy may typically cover this event, which again might end up saving you a great deal of money as well as damage to your reputation.

Public liability insurance
If you have visitors at your place of business you may want to consider if public liability insurance is already included in your insurance. This form of protection typically helps to protect you against the financial implications of being sued if someone suffers injury or death whilst on your property. Some insurance providers may include it as a standard part of your cover, or it can often be an optional extra.

Choosing your policy
Of course insurance companies recognise that there are many different sizes of businesses – your company may consist of just two or three or it might be a hundred or more. With this in mind you may wish to check out that any IT consultants insurance policy you are considering is adequate for your company’s needs. Reading the terms and conditions thoroughly and speaking to your broker if you have any queries may be key to ensuring that you get the most suitable insurance for your business.


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