IT contractors insurance – getting a suitable deal

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If you are considering IT contractors insurance, then you are making an important, – and some may say, valuable – decision. This professional indemnity insurance may help act as a financial buffer for your company against claims from third parties, as well as help with legal fees.

What are its benefits?

Professional indemnity insurance provides your business with protection in respect of any legal liability which arises out of the exercise and conduct of your business.

There are different types of professional indemnity insurance policies available for businesses and contractors, all which are designed to help minimise any financial loss (which in turn may help reduce personal stress) if a claim is made against you.

In the event of a successful claim, typically the policy can help defend a claim against you as well as cover you for any damages you become liable for. Certainly, having this form of risk management in place in the shape of a professional indemnity insurance policy may help your business survive if things get rocky and a client sues you for damages.

Buying it

So, where can you buy IT contractors insurance? It may be worth considering buying the cover from a specialist provider. Buying it from someone who has expertise within your particular sector may help you find the right product, rather than trying to go for an “off-the-peg” type of policy that a traditional or mainstream insurer may offer.


So, what do you need to bear in mind when choosing your insurance?

First of all, do note that as with most insurance policies, generally you will be liable to pay an excess on your policy.

Look at the terms and conditions as well as any limitations, to see exactly what the policy will cover and any obligations you may have in order to take advantage of the protection.

With the different levels of cover often available, it is important that you choose the right one to ensure you are adequately protected. For example, some clients may expect your company to have a minimum amount of personal indemnity insurance in place before they will allow you to carry out work for them.

As touched upon above, policy terms and conditions for your IT contractors insurance may typically vary among the different providers, so check the small print to confirm the amount of cover you have; any excesses; and how long a policy must be in force for before you can claim.

Finally, to protect yourself and your livelihood does not have to be a time consuming exercise. A specialist provider of IT contractors insurance may help find you the right solution for your business quickly and cover can often be bought online. Finding out more may be a sensible idea.

Management consultants insurance may protect your business

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If you run a business, then you may wish to consider management consultants insurance. This insurance is aimed at helping protect you against the financial ramifications of claims made against your business, you or an employee.

The insurance offers professional indemnity cover. Employers’ liability insurance and public liability insurance may form part of your package or, depending on the provider, may be bought as an add-on.

The financial watchdog the Financial Services Authority defines professional indemnity insurance as “a liability insurance that covers businesses in the event that a third party claims to have suffered a loss as a result of professional negligence”. In a nutshell, this means that the professional indemnity insurance policy can step in and cover at least some of any financial losses incurred by a company, up to a pre-defined limit.


There are different types of professional indemnity insurance and, often, different levels of cover too, which can help protect you and your business against the financial fallout of a claim. Management consultants insurance is one such type.

Why you may wish to consider it

If you were faced with a business claim against you or your company, insurance for management consultants could step in and provide a number of benefits which may prove invaluable at a worrying time. This may include financial assistance with legal costs and claims for damages.

Buying cover

When purchasing management consultants insurance, it may make sense to visit the website of a specialist provider of professional indemnity insurance, so you can get specific cover for your needs. Some may offer almost bespoke policy options, to enable you to get the most suitable protection.

The small print

Terms and conditions of professional indemnity insurances will undoubtedly differ among the various providers, so if you are shopping around for the cover, do compare professional indemnity policies on a like-for-like basis.

Points to check before you sign on the dotted line include the sum insured; any exclusions; your obligations as part of that cover; and excesses you may be liable for in the event of a claim.

Remember, no matter how well run a business is, unexpected events can happen that may result in a claim being made against you. Management consultants insurance can step in and may help provide financial assistance and reassurance at a time when you need it most.

Professional indemnity insurance explained

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Professional indemnity insurance provides protection in respect of any legal liability claim against your livelihood such as third party injury; loss of data or documents; employee dishonestly; breach of duty or negligence; negligent misstatements; intellectual property rights; and defamation etc. (Do note that these are typical benefits offered by a policy – some providers may not offer all of these elements of coverage, so do check).

Professional indemnity cover can be legal requirement of some trade bodies. However, it is important that you choose the most suitable policy with which to protect your company and do not accept the first one you see. Shopping around for cover and comparing policy features and benefits on a like-for-like basis may be key to finding that suitable deal.

What does it do?
This type of insurance may help your business to overcome unexpected hurdles and minimise any financial loss – as well as the undoubted stress you will personally face – in the event of a claim made against it.


  • when purchasing your insurance, bear in mind that as with most insurance cover, typically you will have to pay an excess on your cover. This is the first part of any successful claim that you will be liable to pay and will typically depend on what professional indemnity insurance product you have as well as the sum insured;
  • the terms and conditions of the insurance can differ depending on the providers. Therefore, always ensure that you check them to confirm the pertinent points of the cover and to ensure that it is the most suitable product for you.

Before you buy your cover, do double check that the policy gives you everything you need – look at the sum insured; excesses; policy exclusions; terms and conditions; and how long the insurance must be in force for before you are entitled to make a claim.

Still not sure?
Many businesses would go under when faced with a claim against them for damages or negligence. A professional indemnity insurance policy may help take away the stress and provide financial assistance with legal and compensation costs, up to set limits of course.

Even the most respectable of businesses could be faced with a claim against it by a dissatisfied customer. Having professional indemnity insurance in place may help protect you and your company.

Of course, there are some common sense ways that you can lessen the risk of someone making a claim against you. For example, by documenting everything beforehand, such as responsibilities and expectations, you can manage the workload and the relationship – hopefully before any problems arise.

But while this may make good business sense, you cannot plan for eventuality and that is why having professional indemnity insurance in place may be a good idea.

Protecting your livelihood with management consultants professional indemnity insurance

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Unfortunately, running a business isn’t just about bringing the money in and keeping your customers happy. As part of the day-to-day running of your company, one thing you may need to ensure is that you have the necessary protection in place should something go wrong and a claim is made against you, your company or an employee. And that is where management consultants professional indemnity insurance is designed to help.

Management consultants insurance may be considered important for anyone who runs a business and wishes to protect it against potential financial losses caused by a claim being made against it.

In fact, with some trades, such as Accountancy, you are legally obliged to have the cover.

Policy benefits

Having risk management in place in the form of professional indemnity insurance may help your business survive if something accidentally goes wrong that causes perceived financial harm or other loss to another party. There are profession-specific forms of professional indemnity cover and, often, different levels of protection too.

Why professional indemnity insurance?

Consider this – would your business survive if it was faced with a claim of negligence against it? One claim could quite simply wipe out your business’s financial resources. But having the financial protection of professional indemnity insurance in place may help stop this (any claim paid would be up to a pre-agreed financial claim limit).

Is it really necessary?

You may believe that management consultants professional indemnity insurance is an expensive, unnecessary overhead. However, do remember that any business, no matter how well run, can face substantial claims against them.

And with Court awards rising sharply in recent years, it may be worth seriously considering professional indemnity insurance.

Buying it

So, where do you go if you want to buy professional indemnity insurance for management consultants?

Tailor made, bespoke insurance is available with some specialist professional indemnity insurance providers, meaning typically that you can often get cover that is specific to the nature of your business.

Even the tightest of run companies may face the prospect of financial ruin should a claim be made against it. Management consultants professional indemnity insurance may help alleviate this worry.

IT consultants insurance could help your business

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If you run a business, then it make may sense to protect yourself against just about any eventuality. Working within an IT environment means that you could face claims against you or an employee for things such as the loss of sensitive documents or data, negligence, etc. That is why considering IT consultants insurance may be a good idea.

Of course, these sorts of risks do not just face those who work in the information technology workspace – every business owner may wish to give serious consideration to the benefits of professional indemnity insurance if they wish to protect their company against unexpected financial loss.

What are its benefits

You can get different types of professional indemnity insurance, all of which can help protect you and your livelihood in the face of claims made against you. So, for someone in the IT business, insurance for IT consultants cover may be suitable. This professional indemnity insurance policy may be tailored to cover the specific risks faced by someone working in your profession.

Why you may wish to consider it

A claim can be made against your business where your customer suffers some form of loss because of actions – or lack of actions – on your part. Errors and omissions can and do happen even to the best of managed businesses, and yours is no different. In the event of a successful claim, an IT consultants insurance will typically pay for the cost of defending you against any allegations made against your company, as well as damages.
Even the savviest of business people can be challenged with a claim against them, their company or any employee which could see them face potentially large legal costs. However, having suitable insurance may help by providing financial and legal assistance.

Buying it

If you are considering this insurance, then you need to ensure that you buy it from the right place. Using a specialist, independent provider of IT consultants insurance may help you access a suitable deal.

To sum it up, a profession-specific professional indemnity insurance policy may protect your business against the unexpected, providing financial recompense in the event of a claim against it. Financial collapse caused by a claim against your company is a worry that all business owners face. But you may help protect yourself against this with IT consultants insurance.

Professional indemnity insurance – are you covered?

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Any business where you: give advice; work with client data or documents; or work within a client’s premises, may benefit from having the peace of mind offered by professional indemnity insurance (PII or PI insurance).
Policies may differ between providers and there are typically limitations, so when considering a policy you may wish to compare what is offered for the premiums.

Do you need insurance?
If you are a professional, PI insurance may be your lifeline and it might mean the difference between you losing your business and keeping it. When you stop to consider how much legal costs may add up to if a client takes you to court, you may be able to see why insurance may be so valuable to you.

There are some professions where having professional indemnity insurance is compulsory, such as if you are an accountant, broker or solicitor etc.

Do you have thousands of pounds to spare?
Ask yourself where you might get your hands on thousands of pounds if say you were accused of slander. It might be that when you are accused of slander it was a slip up on your part and you in no shape or form meant to damage your client. However the client may not see it this way and the little accidental slip up on your part may potentially end up costing you your business. An insurance policy typically provides insurance against accidental libel and slander cases and often pays towards the costs of being taken to court, subject to a successful claim for costs being made and policy limits.

Looking for an insurance policy
Insurance providers realise that there are numerous types of business and different sizes of business. For example, you may work alone or you may have many people working alongside you in your business. Therefore, with some providers you are able to tailor the insurance policy to the size of your business and your needs. The type of business you are running is also a consideration when looking for professional indemnity insurance.

You may also wish to take into account that some insurance providers offer public liability insurance in with your policy, while others may ask that you add this in for a little more each month in premiums. Public liability insurance protects your business against the possibility of a member of the public making a claim against you for loss or damage caused to them whilst on your premises.

There is typically a limit to the amount that the professional indemnity insurance pays out towards your costs, if a claim has to be made. Check the small print and the terms to find out if the policy provides adequate cover, otherwise potentially you may still have to find a great deal of money towards the costs yourself in the event of a claim.

Management consultants professional indemnity insurance facts

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Management consultants professional indemnity insurance is specifically aimed at anyone in the management consultant business.

The name of this type of insurance policy may be a bit of a mouthful to say, but management consultants professional indemnity insurance may be a financial lifeline. Designed for businesses, the policy typically protects against the financial fall out of a claim being made against you for such things as negligence or libel and slander.

Court costs may be the death of your business if you have to find the money from your business reserves. This is where the insurance policy comes into its own, if needed.

What is professional indemnity insurance?
Policies may vary among the different insurance providers so therefore it may be in your best interests to check the policy features and benefits and never just assume that what one provider offers is offered by another.
What does an insurance policy typically cover?

Your client may accuse you of libel or slander against them and if the company decides to take you to court, the cost of the case might run into many thousands of pounds. If you do not have insurance, could your business afford to pay for these costs?

Data and documents loss
Management consultants professional indemnity insurance typically may often cover data or document loss of your clients.

When working with clients and their data there is always a risk. If data or documents are lost or are compromised, then, again, a court case may be brought against you.

Wrong advice or recommendations
Typically your job as a management consultant means that you are giving advice and recommendations to clients. If you were to accidentally give the wrong advice and the client lost a lot of money due to making decisions based on the information given by you, potentially a court case may be brought against you. Again if you do not have insurance to rely on you may need to pay the court costs from your pocket.

Management consultants professional indemnity insurance may be worth considering, especially when you compare the often competitively priced cost of it to the amount of money you might have to find yourself if a claim is made against you. A policy may of course cover a great deal more than outlined above and not all insurance providers may offer the same benefits.

How management consultants insurance may help

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Your role as a management consultant may vary. One day you may be working with a very small firm and the next a multi-national company. The tasks you do typically vary too. You may carry out data collection, research and give advice. Your actions however may put you at financial risk sometimes and this is where management consultants insurance may help.

What is insurance for management consultants?
Typically, when working as a management consultant you may be handling data that is sensitive. Inadvertently you may do something that causes data loss. If so your client may take you to court. This might end up costing you a great deal of money and insurance typically helps towards the costs, up to a pre-defined limit. A typical management consultants insurance policy may provide cover for such as:

  • a breach of your client’s confidentiality that occurred accidentally;
  • losing any documents or data of your client;
  • liability for products in the event that they caused injury to;
  • infringement of intellectual property rights that was unintentional;
  • defamation or dishonesty on your part;
  • public liability insurance may be included. (However, do note that with some insurance providers this has to be taken out for an additional cost).

You may wish to consider insurance when you stop to think that part of your job as a management consultant may include:

  • preparing proposals or presentations;
  • working at the client’s site;
  • offering solutions and recommendations;
  • managing projects of your clients;
  • assisting clients.

While you may be very careful in your work and do everything by the book it is possible that a slip up may occur. If you are taken to court by a client, potentially the fees and court costs may be large. In some cases you may be unable to find the costs and this may mean the end of your business. Having adequate insurance in place may make a difference.

Of course as with any type of protection, including management consultants insurance, what you get for your money may differ depending on the insurance provider. Always check out the small print and terms of the policy before purchasing to ensure that you know what the indemnity insurance may cover as well as any potential exclusions and limitations.

Why take out IT consultants insurance?

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IT consultants insurance may also known as professional indemnity insurance (PI insurance). This is a form of protection that with most professions you do not have to take out by law, but it may be wise to do so (and some professions will require that you have it in order to practise).

A policy typically gives you insurance against a number of events that may lead to your clients taking you to court. Court costs soon add up, so the insurance is potentially a type of safety net against financial ruin.

Sticking by the rules
Even if you stick to all the rules something may happen that you have no control over. You may lose your client’s data and even though it was an accident, your client may wish to take you to court, especially if this loss of data had some serious ramifications to their business.

The same may happen if you are accused of slander or defamation of character. IT consultants insurance may generally cover accidental situations such as these.

Things to remember when considering insurance
There are some things to remember when you are considering taking out IT consultants insurance. The first of these is that the insurance may not help you if you do something intentionally and you are found guilty in court. In this case you will typically be liable to pay the costs yourself.

Also bear in mind that all insurance policies typically come with terms and conditions, along with exclusions. The exclusions are usually what you cannot claim on your insurance policy for. The limitations generally state how much you may be able to claim, in the event of making a successful claim for one of the events covered in the insurance policy.

If you fail to take out IT consultants insurance and the worst were to happen could you afford to bear the potentially large costs that may be involved? You may even end up losing a great deal more than your credibility; you might lose your business to pay for your mistake.

What is IT contractors insurance?

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As an IT contractor you are responsible for many different aspects of your clients and as such you may be a prime target for lawsuits or claims against yourself, or your company. With this in mind anyone who runs a business managing data and advising on the IT matters of others may wish to consider IT contractors insurance. So how might this insurance help you?

Let’s first take a look at some of the many things that your IT contracting company may be faced with.

Your client’s data
Firstly, information technology means you are working with your client’s computers and telecommunications systems which store large amounts of data. If something were to happen to this data such as it falling in to the hands of someone else, and it was in your safekeeping, you might face legal action. If your IT contractors insurance covers data loss, typically you have your insurance policy to help you when it comes to court costs (up to set limits of course).

Accidental breach of confidentiality, libel and slander
The same policy may also provide protection in the event that you breached confidentiality. Again the company or person you are working for may sue you, and without insurance, courts cost, including any awards made to the other party, typically have to come out of your own pocket. These may add up to a large sum, which in the worst case scenario might see you losing your business.

Your clients might also take you to court for libel or slander (if you accidentally wrote or said something about your client that was incorrect and / or which had a negative effect on their business) – again the typical insurance policy for IT contractors may provide financial protection in cases such as this.

Public Liability Issues
Public liability insurance may be included in with your IT contractors insurance, or you may have to pay a little more to purchase it separately. If your contracting job brings you into contact with the public, this insurance may be well worth having. If a member of the public was injured and it was seen to be your fault, a court case may be taken out against you. The insurance can help with the bulk of the associated costs of having a claim made against you, even if it doesn’t cover them all. When taking out the insurance or indeed any insurance, always check the small print of the policy. There are always limitations as to how much the insurance policy pays out in the event of a successful claim.

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