Adoption Agency Indemnity Insurance

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Why would you need Adoption Agency Indemnity Insurance? Setting up an adoption agency can be a rewarding and satisfying task. Successfully uniting the right adoptive parents with the right child is what every agency in the field strives for. However, the sector is not without its unfortunate hazards, although major disputes are still rare.

As a perceived expert in their field, an adoption agency professional is expected to deliver the best possible service and make the best possible judgements. Should a client decide mistakes have been made or that they have been treated unfairly, they could sue. In today’s climate, where the average member of the public is arguably more legally aware than they were previously, the chances of this could be higher. Volunteer agencies which are not part of a local council’s social services unit could be at particular risk.

An adoption agency provides a service which carries a good degree of emotional attachment – there is likely to be a good deal of upset caused by a perceived or actual mistake. Therefore the likelihood that aggrieved prospective parents will consult a solicitor is arguably even higher.

A legal case is not only a stressful experience, but also usually an expensive one. Hiring a legal expert will probably involve thousands of pounds even if a case is won. Thankfully, insurance policies exist which cover an individual or company if they face such circumstances.

Adoption agency indemnity insurance is designed to provide protection in the event a legal case arises related to a mistake made during the conduct of an adoption agency’s regular business. Put simply, it will cover any legal costs of defending a case once a successful claim is made. It will even pay out the compensation which may be awarded to a complainant by a court, although there will be set limits to this.

Cover will also typically be provided if a policyholder faces a case alleging that they have breached confidence or copyright, or if they face being sued for libel after committing unintentional defamation.

Most types of adoption agency indemnity insurance will even help out with the costs of defending a case right from an initial hearing all the way to an appearance at the high court, should this arise, providing complete legal peace of mind for the business.