Help with legal challenges through safety consultant professional indemnity cover

April 9, 2009 · Filed Under consultant professional indemnity cover · Comment 

With the amount of rules and regulations the average company now has to follow, it is no surprise they are often seek outside help to make sure they are within the laws. Safety is a particular concern these days, and companies are often particularly worried about making sure they live up to their duty of care to ensure that their employees work in a safe and secure environment. This is why many advisers offering firms outside help turn to safety consultant professional indemnity cover, as consultants can often get the blame if something later goes wrong.

If a worker is injured in an onsite accident and the company is found to have had lax safety regulations, they may rightly or wrongly decide to push the blame on to any safety consultant they have hired. While this is not the typical scenario, it is a definite risk and therefore safety consultants could do well to make sure they are adequately protected against legal action.

Even claims which have no basis and cannot be backed up properly will need to be defended initially. This will normally mean hiring professional legal help which can be very expensive. Lawyers often cost a lot of money, and worse still you may have to pay compensation to any successful claimant. This can run into thousands of pounds in certain circumstances.

Safety Consultant Professional indemnity cover pays the policy holder’s legal bills after a successful claim. This type of policy normally covers against allegations that the consultant in question has made a mistake, error, omission or acted negligently in the general conduct of their work. Cover need not be overly expensive, as it can often be tailored to a limit appropriate to the policy holder. So a safety consultant which regularly works with multinational companies employing thousands of people may want more protection than a smaller firm which only deals with a handful of clients.

This type of cover also guards against a range of legal eventualities. Beyond errors it will often pay out if you are accused of losing or damaging a client’s important data or documents. Safety consultant professional indemnity cover will also usually pay out against allegations of breach of copyright or confidence, defamation and even the allegation that a consultancy’s employees have acted dishonestly.