Event/Conference Organiser Professional Insurance for your company

December 17, 2008 · Filed Under event conference organiser professional insurance · Comment 

When it comes to planning an event large or small, the last thing that might be on someone’s mind is whether or not they have the right insurance policy in place. But cover is a real consideration and possibility for anyone who offers such a service on a professional basis. From those planning small and intimate weddings to companies planning big professional corporate events, event conference organiser professional insurance is a possibly vital tool.

Cover is important in this sector because it involves providing a professional advisory service. As such, anyone who feels they have lost out as a result of a planner’s actions, ie if they have made a mistake, could be minded to seek redress through the courts. This means a legal case.

For example, a freelance event organiser might be hired by a couple to plan a wedding ceremony. If a mistake is made in the arrangements and something goes wrong on the big day as a result, the couple may feel they have lost money and had a shine taken off the wedding. This might lead to them seeking to recover what they have lost through legal action, which will need to be defended.

Of course, getting a solicitor or full legal team to defend a case is not usually a cheap prospect, and this is where event/conference organiser professional insurance comes in. This type of policy will usually include professional indemnity cover, which will pay legal bills which result following a mistake or act of negligence on the part of the organiser. It will also often include things like public liability insurance and cover if a planner loses someone’s important documents or infringes copyright.

Event conference organiser professional insurance comes in many different levels up to set limits and is available in exchange for a premium in much the same way as other more traditional forms of insurance policy. Some types of cover even offer backdated protection for anyone worried about a claim who has only just got around to arranging insurance. As such most people operating within the sector should seriously consider this potentially valuable safety net.