Event/Conference Organiser Professional Indemnity Insurance

Although it might be a type of cover some associate more with medical or more personal professions, professional indemnity insurance is a type of cover which is an important consideration for a wide variety of businesses. Besides the likes of counsellors and health and safety consultants, this type of cover is often taken out by the likes of PR companies and architects. As the professional organising sector involves a professional service, there is also event/conference organiser professional indemnity insurance.

Professional indemnity insurance protects and individual, if a sole trader, or business, against a legal claim from an unhappy customer. As a professional service, an event and conference organising business will be seen as an expert in its field and therefore could face a legal claim in the event of a mistake.

The more formal summary of a policy says it helps protect a firm in relation to any legal liability which arises out of the exercise and conduct of the business. A policy will also typically protect the business against loss of or damage to documents, the infringement of any copyright, plus protection against unintentional defamation, libel and slander, and will also cover against any dishonest actions of any employees. This includes legal help should a worker steal from a client, for example.

An event and conference organiser should ensure they have cover both when a claim is made and when the related incident happened, even if a related incident or mistake was made long before the arrival of a legal claim. However, some companies provide retroactive cover which will protect against any action taken after the start of a policy which relates to an event which happened before a policy started. Note, however, that someone will not be able to get cover for a legal claim which arrived before the start of cover.

In today’s legally-aware world, action is more common than ever and a court case can be a crippling burden to a business of any size. Event/conference organiser professional indemnity insurance can help a business act on behalf of clients with peace of mind. Most policies will even pay for the legal costs of a case all the way to the high court, depending on agreed limitations, allowing a firm to operate in comfort and confidence.