What is fire protection consultant indemnity insurance?

November 13, 2008 · Filed Under Fire Protection Consultant Indemnity Insurance · Comment 

Guarding properties and the people who use them through carefully managing risk is now an accepted professional industry. A fire protection consultant can be hired by almost any firm to assess the vulnerability of their premises to a blaze. They might be required to recommend answers to design problems and to make sure a building complies with fire safety regulations. Therefore it is crucial that the advice they give while on the job is correct. Mistakes, while not commonplace, can be very costly. A wrong recommendation might mean property is destroyed or even end up leading to an avoidable injury or death. Therefore most professionals in the sector see fire protection consultant indemnity insurance as essential.

Indemnity insurance will protect a policy holder should they face a legal case after making a mistake or omission or if they are accused of negligence. None of these circumstances are pleasant to think about, but all are possible and could result in a claim which may prove very expensive to defend, even successfully.

A company may feel a consultant gave the wrong advice when making recommendations on the design of a building – recommendations that may mean a fire is not properly contained and destroys thousands of pounds of equipment for example. Defending such a case in court could be lengthy, but a fire protection consultant indemnity insurance policy will pick up legal costs and even any compensation award which is made. Of course limits will apply, and these should be chosen carefully.

Indemnity insurance will usually protect against a range of other risks. This will include cover if a consultant faces a claim that they have defamed someone, breached someone’s confidentiality or copyright and will often also be available with public liability. Many policyholders chose ‘retroactive’ or ‘run off cover’ as part of a fire consultant indemnity insurance policy. This provides protection even against claims which are late in arriving and relate to something which happened before a policy started, and for claims which turn up after a consultant retires or stops trading. With the wide range of options available, this type of insurance can therefore allow a professional to concentrate on the job in hand without having to unduly worry about the possibility of a legal case.