The benefits of graphic design indemnity insurance

November 5, 2008 · Filed Under Graphic Design Indemnity Insurance · Comment 

Graphic designers who provide services to businesses and organisations are employed to use their creativity to produce commercial material which benefits that client. They can be hired for one-off jobs involving literature or whole projects which are designed to improve a company’s image or profile. As such the trade may not be associated with a significant amount of legal risk – but a few hidden dangers mean many designers in the sector take out graphic design indemnity insurance.

As an expert with a significant amount of responsibility, a mistake by a designer could be costly. For example, a company may hire a graphic designer to produce a presentation folder with important information for a business meeting. Should the designer then make an omission or error during the production and design of the folder, the firm may not be able to use it for the meeting. The company may then feel they have lost money as a result and seek compensation by launching a legal case.

Graphic design indemnity insurance is designed to protect a professional should such a situation arise. It will pay the legal bills associated with defending such a case in court, which could be massively expensive. In more official terms, it will kick in should a designer face a claim for damages which results from a mistake or omission which they make during the normal conduct of their business.

A typical policy will provide this protection and more – it will normally give cover should a graphic designer face a legal claim that they have defamed someone through libel or slander. A policy will also kick in should they face a claim that they have breached copyright or confidence or that their employees have acted dishonestly, ie stolen from a client.

The legal system and its associated processes ,ay not always move particularly quickly. This means a claim may be filed months after the related event took place. Thankfully most insurers offer policies which contain what is known as ‘retroactive’ cover, which will provide protection for a claim which arrives after the policy has started but which relates to something which happened before it began. Therefore a graphic design indemnity insurance policy will provide valuable peace of mind to an individual or business, allowing them to concentrate on providing the best possible service.