Health & safety consultant indemnity insurance

November 6, 2008 · Filed Under Health & Safety Consultant Indemnity Insurance · Comment 

Making sure a firm’s workers are operating in a safe environment is more and more crucial in the successful running of a UK business. A growing health and safety rule book means its is important that a company keeps up to date with what is required if it is to stay abreast of changes in the law and safeguard the well being of employees. Many firms choose to turn to an outside consultant for such advice – such professionals can help take the pressure off a company which is struggling to put the proper procedures in place. However, the consequences of such an advisor making a mistake are clear, and therefore someone working in the sector may want to consider health & safety consultant indemnity insurance.

Imagine if a health and safety professional was hired by a firm to put extensive changes in place at a factory in order to improve safety levels. If any mistakes are made in giving the advice, a worker may be injured as a result and the company concerned may suffer a financial loss. This could lead to the firm seeking to recover their cash by bringing a court case against the health and safety consultant. If the consultant has indemnity insurance, they can then expect to be able to cover the costs of defending such an action.

Health & safety consultant indemnity insurance can be obtained for a regular premium and is designed to cover any legal costs if the consultant faces a court case following a mistake or act of negligence. Defending a claim, even successfully, can be extremely expensive and can even be the downfall of some businesses – an indemnity policy will pick up the tab in the event of a successful claim, subject to certain limits and excesses.

A typical policy won’t just stop at mistakes or negligence. It will also cover a consultant if they face being sued because they have allegedly defamed someone through libel or slander. It will also cover allegations such as breach of confidence or copyright.

Once a professional has decided they want a policy, they must also decide on the level of cover that they want. Some policies provide protection for bills which run into millions of pounds – this level might not be suitable for all consultants. An excess will also have to be agreed, as with many other types of insurance. An excess of £600, for example, means a policyholder must pick up the first £600 of a relevant legal bill before the insurer will start paying the costs.

A health & safety consultant indemnity insurance policy will therefore provide something of a safety net in the event of an unfortunate legal claim. The threat of a court case can be intimidating and possibly even fatal for some businesses – but those covered with the right policy will have nothing to fear.