Immigration consultant professional indemnity insurance

Immigration consultants, as professionals in their field, carry a certain level of expectation that they will deliver an expert service. In today’s society, many people are more legally aware and are more likely to seek redress through the law should they receive a service below the standard they expect to get from a professional such as an immigration consultant. Immigration consultant professional indemnity insurance is designed to protect a sole trader or business in the field against the negative effects of such court action.

Professional indemnity insurance applies to mistakes or negligent acts committed during the conduct of a company’s business. One wrong recommendation can lead to a client suffering ‘business injury’ or financial loss due to the error, and they may be minded to seek compensation. A professional indemnity insurance policy will cover someone’s legal costs of defending such a case and possibly even any damages which may be awarded to a claimant. As with many other types of insurance, excesses and limitations apply to each individual policy and premiums may be priced accordingly.

Although the chances of such legal claims being made are usually relatively small, the cost of sorting them out can be huge and may lead to serious financial harm for some businesses. The correct type of policy will pick up the bill and reduce the stress associated with dealing with a claim. Professional indemnity cover will also provide protection for someone should they lose or damage important business documents or commit accidental defamation, slander or libel. It also covers things like unintentional breach of confidence.

Professional indemnity insurance is often associated mainly with private medical practitioners but is also commonly taken out by PR professionals, photographers, health and safety consultants and accountants – just about any professional which provides advice as part of their way of earning a living. Many policies also help to cover unpredictable pitfalls too. For example, many cases only emerge months after the related event. Policies are available which provide cover even for a case which is filed in connection with something which happened before the policy was taken out. However, a customer will not be able to make a claim on a case which was filed and officially arrived before a policy was adopted. This ‘time delay’ issue throws up the question of what happens to a claim which arrives after a company finishes trading or if the immigration consultant has retired. It may well still be valid and ‘run off’ immigration consultant professional indemnity insurance which caters for this can be agreed.

An immigration professional must deal with a number of clients and faces a tricky task to keep them all happy and deliver the right advice. An immigration consultant professional indemnity insurance policy helps an operative get on with the job without having to be overly concerned about the risk of legal action.