How lost adjuster professional indemnity cover shields you from the cost of legal action

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The every day challenges of running a business and ensuring it is profitable and successful can seem difficult enough. But depending on your line of work, legal disputes can sometimes crop up and present the biggest hurdles you are ever likely to face. Professional advisers like loss adjusters are relied on to deliver a professional service and the very best advice. If a client ever feels they have made a mistake, they can take legal action and this can be costly and have significant implications if you do not have something like loss adjuster professional indemnity cover in place.

This is a kind of insurance which is designed to pay out towards your legal bills if you are effectively sued because of an error you have made, or are accused of having made. This might seem complicated, but the chances of a client seeking compensation if they feel they have lost out can be significant. Because loss adjusters are often relied upon to make judgements based on limited information, there is always the risk that at a later date someone may feel they have missed something and cost a company money.

Should a legal challenge arise, indemnity cover would pay the cost of your legal defence, and even any compensation which happens to be awarded against you. The policy can cover an individual or a company, and typically goes way beyond simply protecting against mistakes.

It also guards against claims you have lost or damaged important data or documents belonging to a client, or that you have breached someone’s confidentiality or copyright. You can typically choose a policy limit as an insurer will not pay out indefinitely towards the cost of a case and associated compensation.

Protection is available for hundreds of thousands or even millions of pounds depending on what you feel you need, and you will need to decide what is most suitable depending on the size of your business. Being under insured means you need to pick up the difference of any shortfall when paying compensation or legal bills, so here it is important to get it right.

You can also choose from a range of optional extras on loss adjuster professional indemnity cover, including retroactive cover for things which happened in the past but for which you do not get notification of until after you have bought a policy. Run off or overrun cover can also protect you against claims which arise when you are in between insurers or winding down a business, effectively making sure that there is no vulnerable time frame when you’re not covered against legal action.

Loss adjuster professional indemnity cover is therefore a safety net, and at worst will give you peace of mind that if you ever faced a legal action, you should have the financial resources to deal with it effectively.

Why loss adjuster professional indemnity cover can protect a firm’s financial security

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While it does not make sense to assume that something will go wrong, it is important that a business has the right protection in place for when it does encounter difficulty. High-end loss adjusters are employed to make crucial decisions upon which a lot of money can sometimes rest. If they ever get it wrong, they can face criticism and the possibility of legal action from an insurance company. The threat of legal action is never a pleasant idea, but it is important to think about what you would do if you were ever faced with this dilemma. Loss adjuster professional indemnity cover is a safety net which pays for your legal bills in the event you’re accused of making a costly mistake.

Often popular with any sector which involves supplying professional advice, indemnity cover essentially pays for your legal defence if you are sued by a client or other relevant party. You can normally expect a wide variety of situations to be covered. Normally they are mainly designed to protect you if you’re accused of making a mistake in your general business. This applies to simply leaving something out or ‘omitting’ something by mistake. It also applies to allegations of acts of negligence.

You can typically expect that your legal bills will be paid right the way through the time line of a case. Although limits apply, your protection will pay out regardless of what court you end up in, and your cover will even apply to an appearance at the high court if this were ever to be necessary. Of course, an insurance company will not pay out an unlimited amount of legal bills and compensation, this means you need to think of how much cover your business will need.

Besides mistakes, loss adjuster professional indemnity cover typically also covers allegations that you have breached someone’s confidence or copyright. It also applies if you’re accused of losing or damaging important data or documents which belong to a client. You can also expect protection if you are an agency and your employees are accused of acting dishonestly – just about all of the common legal hiccups are provided for.

When looking for loss adjuster professional indemnity cover you may also want to ask your insurer about time frames and whether they will be able to supply protection if you ever change insurer or wind down the business. The slow nature of some legal claims mean they sometimes do not arrive until after the event, so it’s important you are protected in between jobs or policies.

How loss adjuster professional indemnity cover works to protect against legal challenges

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The thought of a court case after a legal claim is not something any business likes to spend a long time dwelling on, but it is a risk for any business which provides professional advice, and can leave a company confused and financially unstable if they do not have a contingency plan in place. Legal battles can be time consuming and expensive, and if you have no method of paying for legal expertise to defend yourself, you can either find a court simply rules against you or can even end up defending yourself. Loss adjuster professional indemnity cover is a simple and straightforward way of ensuring you would get financial assistance if you ever faced a claim.

It normally will cover you if you face a legal challenge that you have committed a mistake, omission, or act of negligence in the normal course of your business. Any of these things could lead to a client seeking to recover any money they have lost through a court. Due to the nature of their job, having to make recommendations, sometimes based on limited information, a loss adjuster is arguably particularly at risk. Should a client feel they have lost money because of a wrong conclusion, in future they could sue.

Loss adjuster professional indemnity cover would kick in and pay for the cost of a solicitor or lawyer, meaning you would not have to worry about running up considerable legal bills just to fight off the claim. This kind of insurance is also indiscriminate, in that it kicks in regardless of how valid the claimant’s case is. Even invalid accusations have to be defended in court, which means hiring legal help.

This kind of cover will come with an attached ceiling which is agreed at the start of a policy. Beyond this an insurance company will not pay out any more for fees or compensation if awarded to a claimant. But it is possible to make a reasonable judgement and consider how much protection you will need, depending on the nature of the business and the type of client you deal with.

The normal loss adjuster professional indemnity cover policy will also cover for the likes of accusations of breach of confidence or copyright, any allegations of unintentional defamation, and even the dishonesty of a company’s employees. Public liability insurance can also be included with some policies.

How loss adjuster professional indemnity cover can save someone legal costs

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A loss adjuster arguably operates in one of the more uncertain sectors of the insurance market. They are hired to make decisions which must be as accurate as possible, with an awful lot of money at stake in some situations. Most of the time they are able to make a reasonable and sensible decision, but if a professional ever makes an error, leading to a client losing money, there is always the question and risk of a legal challenge. The chances of an avoidable error might seem slim, but consequences can be damaging, meaning loss adjuster professional indemnity cover is taken out by many people operating in the field.

This is a type of insurance which is designed to help a policyholder if they are sued having been accused of making a mistake, omission or committing an act of negligence. Although a professional might have 100 per cent confidence in their ability, just one slip can lead to a client losing hundreds of thousands of pounds in some circumstances.

Loss adjuster professional indemnity cover takes away the stress of what they would do if they ever faced a legal case. It will pay the bills towards mounting a legal defence, which can run into thousands or hundreds of thousands of pounds in some circumstances. Hiring a legal team is never a cheap proposition, and this insurance will take off the financial pressure.

Different limits of cover are available from a few thousand pounds up to hundreds of thousands of pounds or more, and premiums can often be paid in one lump sum or in instalments. Excesses can also be applied and negotiated, to affect the premium and make sure it fits your resources and needs.

Loss adjuster professional indemnity cover will normally also provide some help for legal extras, like protection should a loss adjuster ever be accused of losing a client’s important documents or data. It also helps to guard against accusations of breach of confidentiality or copyright, and will also provide public liability insurance where appropriate. Backdated cover and ‘overrun cover’ also protects for any period when the adjuster may otherwise not have been insured, due to changing policies or seeking out new employment, meaning peace of mind need not be complicated.