Protecting your business with safety consultant indemnity insurance

November 9, 2008 · Filed Under Safety Consultant Indemnity Insurance · Comment 

Protecting people’s safety in the workplace is a top concern for nearly all modern businesses. Some firms must take into account not just the safety of its workers but the well being of the public too. Keeping up with all the relevant legislation and procedure on this can sometimes be very tricky and some may be concerned that they may need extra help to get the right procedures in place – this is when some might be minded to turn to a safety consultant for advice. Once this professional is hired, they are entrusted to give the best possible guidance. If for some reason they then make a mistake which leads to an injury and possibly financial harm for the client, they could face legal action. This means safety consultant indemnity insurance can be very important for some workers in the sector.

Although mistakes with most professionals are of course rare, the nature of a safety consultant’s work means errors can be very costly in some cases. One wrong recommendation can cause injury, which may then lead to a damages claim directed at the company and then one directed at the consultant. Defending such a claim in court will involve hiring legal professionals which will charge a significant fee – sometimes this fee will be so high that it threatens the business.

An indemnity insurance policy will protect a professional facing a legal bill following a mistake, error or omission. This is the most significant feature of the cover but a policy will also normally include protection against being sued after being accused of committing defamation via libel or slander. Also, it will guard against legal claims which arise from accusations that someone’s copyright has been breached or that confidentiality has been compromised. It will even give cover if a consultant loses or damages vital documents or data entrusted to them by a client.

As with many types of insurance, limitations will apply, as will some exclusions. A policyholder must decide on the amount they want covered – this will affect the price of the premium, and decide on an excess, which will also affect the cost. Although it may involve extra cost for a consultant, a safety consultant indemnity insurance policy will provide a potentially invaluable safety net that can even safeguard the future of a business in some cases.