Legal bills need not be a worry with safety consultant professional insurance

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While many firms have the safety of their employees and any site visitors closely at heart, some may fall behind with legislation or simply be concerned about the amount of procedures and paperwork they have to get through in order to be compliant. This leads many to turn to outside help to make sure they take the right measures and adequately protect their staff. So a safety consultant can provide a highly valuable service, but they are also relied on to do a responsible and accurate job. Should a dispute ever arise, a firm may look to take legal action. This is why safety consultant professional insurance could be a vital tool in some circumstances.

This kind of cover, typically coming with a professional indemnity element, will pay your legal costs should you ever be accused of making a mistake in your role as a consultant. For example, the firm might hire you to make a series of recommendations on a factory floor, making sure they have the right procedures in place and have their employees adequately trained. Should you miss something in the training, they may feel you have made a grave error and seek to recover costs. If a company were to end up being prosecuted because you have missed something, a legal case could rumble on for quite some time and possibly cost an awful lot of money.

Safety consultant professional insurance with indemnity cover would help you to pay your legal costs, effectively picking up any solicitor’s fees incurred during your defence. It would even cover the cost of any compensation which would be awarded to a successful claimant, subject to certain limits. So you cannot expect an insurance company to pay out indefinitely on a case and there will be a ceiling agreed to your policy. A large consultancy firm may want protection for hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of legal bills and compensation, while a smaller company may want just thousands worth of protection. It is up to you what you choose, but it is important to ensure you’re not left under-insured and possibly picking up the back end of a large legal bill.

Safety consultant professional insurance will even pick up the cost if you’re accused of breaching someone’s copyright or confidence. Perhaps more significantly, it will even help you out if you’re accused of losing or damaging a client’s important documents or data. Timescales are also important, and you can arrange protection for after you have finished trading as a precaution against any unexpected historical claims.

Why buy safety consultant professional insurance

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Offering advice on a professional basis involves many rewards and risks depending on the type of business. A safety consultant is expected to provide expert guidance on how a company can avoid and minimise the risk of accident and injury to staff and the public. As such they are taken seriously, and, although most jobs will pass without incident, disputes can arise if a mistake is made. Thankfully, many professionals in the industry are protected against this risk to a certain extent by a form of safety consultant professional insurance.
A slip up can lead in some cases to a client company not having the required precautions in place. A more serious error can even indirectly lead to an accident, and the legal implications of this are obvious. The victim of the accident and the company may both seek redress through the courts and this can lead to a legal challenge arriving through the letter box. Although this might sound stressful and in some cases a nightmare scenario, a legal claim can be far more straightforward if the right insurance is in place.
Safety consultant professional insurance which includes indemnity cover will pay someone’s legal bills up to certain limits as they defend a case. Cover will apply regardless of whether the claim itself is valid or invalid. Insurers will even pay any compensation which is awarded to a complainant, again up to certain limits which are agreed at the start of the policy. This means a safety consultant can go about their business confidently, safe in the knowledge they have a safety net if the worst happens and a civil court case arrives.
Besides mistakes, a policy will normally also protect against other unexpected eventualities like a claim for breach of confidence or copyright and will could also protect a safety consultancy business if an employee commits an act of dishonesty and, for example, steals from a client.
Retroactive and run off cover is also available for those worried about claims which relate to past events. With coverage available from a first court hearing all the way up to an appearance at the high court, safety consultant professional insurance can even be the difference in helping a business stay on its feet in some cases, depending on the size of a legal bill.