Security consultant indemnity insurance

November 17, 2008 · Filed Under Security Consultant Indemnity Insurance · Comment 

Advising a business on their physical or IT-related security carries a considerable level of responsibility. A security consultant can often be entrusted with making sure a new business has watertight premises, while others specialise in making sure a firm has a computer system which is safe from harm. The kind of work which is undertaken in the field means a security consultant is expected to provide a professional job. Should an error be made during a system installation, the consequences could be disastrous for a firm, even if the mistake was completely unintentional and relatively straightforward. Accordingly many freelancers and firms decide to take out a security consultant indemnity insurance policy

Many local authorities and bigger firms will not deal with a company which does not have such indemnity cover in place. Insurance of this type will kick in when a policyholder faces a legal claim following a mistake, error or act of negligence. An example could include a claim for compensation which arises after a company loses valuable data because an error was made in the installation of a network security system.

A security consultant indemnity insurance policy will cover any legal bills which arise from such a court action – and defending such cases tends to be expensive. Some detailed claims will take a lot of time to examine, a court hearing is likely, all followed by a payment to solicitors. Some cases can go all the way to the high court, although this remains rare. Policies are therefore available at different limits – £25,000, £100,000 or £500,000 of cover for example.

Cover will also be provided if a consultant faces a claim after damaging or losing important documents or data – this can be a particularly handy feature for experts who deal with securing sensitive information stored on computer, or for secure couriers who carry finance-related paperwork. Other eventualities given protection include accusations of breach of confidentiality or copyright, and even cases resulting from the dishonesty of employees.

Therefore a security consultant indemnity insurance policy can protect a professional in almost any legal circumstance that might befall their business – allowing them to go on providing the best possible service to existing clients.