Thinking about professional Indemnity Insurance

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If you do any type of freelance or consultancy work, either on your own or as a member of a small business team, then professional indemnity insurance (PII) may be something that could help provide you with financial protection against being found liable to pay damages to a client.

PII can typically provide cover for a wide number of professional occupations including:

  • IT contractors;
  • consulting engineers;
  • management consultants;
  • legal professionals;
  • forensic consultants;
  • photographers.

Professional indemnity insurance provides financial assistance in the event that a client or ex-client sues you to recover losses that they believe were caused, somehow, by you.

Typically this may be as a result of:

  • unintentional intellectual copyright infringement;
  • accidental breach of confidentiality;
  • defamation;
  • libel or slander;
  • loss of documents or data;
  • errors on your part;
  • etc.

If the end result is that your client’s business has suffered financially or from a loss of reputation attributable to you then you may sued.

PII can cover the cost of damages awarded against you as well as legal expenses and fees (limits may apply).

For some professions e.g. legal, PII may be mandatory. Some clients may insist that you have PII even though it may not be a legal requirement for the services you provide.

Premiums will vary, depending on the level of income you have and the amount of cover you opt for.

A sensible approach to PII may be to opt for the most comprehensive level of cover you can afford. If very basic, you may have to find the shortfall yourself should a case for damages be awarded against you.

Over time, perhaps as the nature of your work changes or your business expands, it may make sense to revisit your level of cover to ensure that it still matches your needs.

Another point to remember is that if you stop working and cancel your insurance, your cover may just stop. The nature of your work may be such that problems may take some time to appear so you could still be at risk from being sued.

You may see this referred to as run-off cover.

In a similar vein, work carried out prior to PII being taken out may also need to be catered for. This may be known as retroactive professional indemnity insurance cover.

Points to note when buying management consultants professional indemnity insurance

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If you run a management consultancy business, you may think that nothing will ever go wrong – for example, you will never be sued; an employee will never act dishonestly; or you will never be accused of negligence. However, some things are beyond our control and things can, and do, go wrong. Management consultants professional indemnity insurance is designed to help protect you and your livelihood in circumstances such as this by protecting your business in respect of any legal liability which arises out of its exercise and conduct.

What are its benefits?

There are different types of professional indemnity insurance (PI insurance) and, often, different levels of cover too, which can help protect you and your business against the financial fallout of a claim being made against you (this may include any legal defence costs and help with damages awarded to the third party – up to the policy limits of course).

What to look for when buying cover

As highlighted above, there can be differing levels of cover depending on the PI insurance policy you buy including whether it is trade-specific (eg insurance for management consultants).

Things to look out for when comparing management consultants professional indemnity insurance may include:

  • checking how much any excess would be in the event of a claim. Most professional indemnity policies will have an excess if you make a claim;
  • the sum insured (ie the amount of cover you have) is of great importance as being under insured means you will have greater financial responsibility should a claim be made against you. Some of your clients may insist that you have a minimum sum insured in order to provide them a service, so do check;
  • ensuring that your policy covers all time frames. Often, there may be a delay between an event and the subsequent claim. For example, if you are in the middle of changing insurers, ask your new PI insurance provider if they will accept new claims for prior incidents. This is often known as retroactive period;
  • finally, remember when comparing policies that the terms and conditions of the insurance can differ depending on the providers. Therefore, always ensure that you check them to confirm the pertinent points of the insurance.

Having the peace of mind that you have management consultants professional indemnity insurance in place can help you focus on the most important thing – running your business.

What fuel efficiency consultant professional indemnity cover normally involves

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Mistakes in business can often be costly, as many people will already know. Depending on the circumstances a professional’s error could cost a client hundreds of thousands of pounds or more. This is the risk outside consultants take, although most of them will find that slip-ups are extremely rare with careful planning and training. But depending on your circumstances, a consultant may still face a legal challenge, and as such it can be useful to have a safety net in place. Fuel efficiency consultant professional indemnity cover is a type of policy which can protect those in the industry effectively, and in many cases it need not be overly expensive.

Indemnity insurance is a policy which has often been associated with people like architects and medical practitioners. But changes in society mean it can now apply across a wide range of sectors. Firms are now perhaps more minded to take legal action if they feel they have been wronged than ever before, and this means being sued and a claim for compensation possibly being levelled against you.

Indemnity insurance would pay out for the legal bills associated with defending a case effectively, and even covers the cost of compensation should it be awarded to a successful complainant. In exchange for a premium, an insurance company simply agrees to meet all legal costs associated with a legal challenge, and typically covers allegations you made a mistake, error, or committed an act of negligence in your general business.

For example, a client may decide they have lost money because of fuel efficiency recommendations you have made, which they may claim has either lost them money or simply been completely ineffective. In such circumstances your fuel efficiency consultant professional indemnity cover policy would payout for legal advice when defending the case, and even compensation should it be avoided. One of the most important things about this kind of cover is that it does not matter how valid the claim is, you will still get protection whether or not they have a case.

However, there will be an indemnity cover limit, and this will need to be set by you as you take out your policy. Here it is important to consider the size of your business and the type of client you deal with. Larger companies may want a higher ceiling on their policies, while smaller firms may want something a little more down the scale.

Fuel efficiency consultant professional indemnity cover also protects against a wide range of problems, not just allegations that you have made an error. It will also protect you should you be accused of breaching someone’s confidence or copyright, or committing unintentional defamation, and even the loss or damage of a client’s important data or documents.

How adoption agency professional indemnity cover could help your company

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Some businesses can see years pass without ever having to deal with a legal problem, but the risk of being sued is a genuine concern, and some businesses in particular may want to investigate the idea of insurance cover. Adoption agency professional indemnity cover can help a firm if it ever does end up running the risk of a court case.

Indemnity insurance is sometimes also called PII or professional indemnity insurance. It is not only popular with the likes of solicitors or doctors, but is a possibly vital tool for any business providing advice and guidance on a professional basis. This is a type of cover which kicks in should you ever face a legal challenge following a perceived or genuine mistake your business has made.

It can guard against discrimination cases and other challenges, for example if a family felt they had been treated unfairly. The general wording refers to unintentional mistakes or errors, or allegations of acts of negligence. Public liability cover is also sometimes included with a policy, sometimes free of charge along with the other features.

Adoption agency professional indemnity cover will also be provided if the firm faces a claim for breach of copyright or unintentional defamation. In simple terms it will pay your legal costs up to an agreed stopping point, and will even pay any compensation which might be awarded to a successful claimant.

It does not need to be overly expensive, as some firms only need protection for a limited level of legal fees. Bigger companies take out policies which protect them for millions of pounds worth of legal bills, but this is not suitable for everyone. An insurance professional might be able to help you work out what level of protection is best for you.

Adoption agency professional indemnity cover will also protect the policyholder whether or not the accusation against them is provable or not, and even if it turns out to be false. You can also normally get protection for legal bills from initial court appearances all the way up to the highest levels of law in the land, subject to an individual policy’s restrictions.

Why training consultant professional indemnity cover could provide a lifeline

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Businesses these days are more likely to recognise the value of having highly skilled staff. This means they are also more likely to recognise the value of training consultants, who can be hired to come into a business and deliver advice on how to improve the performance of workers. This may seem like a straightforward arrangement, and often it is, but if something goes wrong the consultant can be open to legal action. Training consultant professional indemnity cover can help give professionals peace of mind that they will be able to pay for legal help if they ever need it.

When people think of insurance they tend to immediately think of their home or car, but professional cover is just as important for certain firms. Indemnity cover is a form of insurance which will kick in if someone faces an allegation that they have made a mistake, omission, or even committed an act of negligence in their everyday work. Being sued is never a pleasant experience, but it need not have as much stress and anxiety attached to it if someone has a means to pay for legal assistance. Indemnity cover will pay solicitors bills while you fight off such an action.

Although all policies have their limits, you can expect to receive help from the arrival of a legal claim. Excesses can be arranged and negotiated, meaning you pay an initial fee, but these are flexible.

It is worth mentioning that some types of organisation will not deal with someone unless they have indemnity insurance in place. One good example is local councils, many of which will not deal with certain professionals who do not have cover.

To get a policy, you must tell the insurer a bit about your business, who you normally deal with, and how you normally agree contracts. The insurer will then use this information to give you a premium quote, but you’ll also need to give them an indication of how much cover you need. Bigger firms typically need higher limits than smaller firms, as depending on a firm’s field of trade, a legal wrangle can end up costing hundreds of thousands of pounds.

There is no shortage of companies providing training consultant professional indemnity cover for big or small enterprises. All someone has to do is select the level of protection they want.

Time frames are important to consider with any legal issue. Just because someone no longer works in the capacity in which they made a mistake, does not mean they are not liable to answer a legal case. This is why some insurers provide training consultant professional indemnity cover with run off cover, which will protect someone after they retire or move on from their job. Backdated protection is also available, which will help someone towards legal costs even if a claim arrives dating back to when they did not have a policy in place. This is useful for people changing insurers or who have not got around to sorting out cover after setting up.

Computer contractor professional indemnity cover

The idea of making a mistake is not something anyone likes to dwell on. But errors can be costly, particularly in business, and particularly when you are conducting a job on behalf of a client as a contractor. With more and more companies relying heavily on computers, the role of a computer contractor has arguably become more important in the modern world. They are often relied upon to ensure the information technology infrastructure of a business is running smoothly. Any breakdowns or mistakes can be costly for a company, and sometimes a firm can even seek legal redress if they feel the contractor is to blame for something going wrong. This is when computer contractor professional indemnity cover can help someone comfortably negotiate the minefield that is a legal claim.

This type of policy will help protect someone if they face legal action following a mistake or error, or act of negligence committed in their day-to-day work. An example might be a failure to properly install an anti -virus system, which then leads to a company losing data and money. They can seek to recover the cash through hiring their own legal team to pursue the claim. This will have to be defended and indemnity cover can help pick up the bill.

Computer contractor professional indemnity cover will continue to pay legal bills up to the limit of the policy, which can be thousands or millions of pounds. The immediate benefits of this are obvious. The huge bill is saved and the business can continue running while fighting the legal action.

Importantly, this type of insurance will also cover a policyholder if they face action following the loss or damage of a client’s data. If an employee happens to be dishonest and say, for example, steal from a client, any case which relates to this will also be covered. Some other common legal hurdles such as breach of confidence, copyright and allegations of defamation also come under the umbrella of the typical policy.

When it comes to a company either changing insurer or looking to wind down, computer contractor professional indemnity cover can feature retroactive and overrun or run off cover respectively, to ensure a business is not left vulnerable and without cover at the wrong time.

Buying computer contractor PII

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A freelance computer contractor or business might feel they have enough expenditure to worry about with the likes of typical overheads related to a premises, regular equipment and components costs, staff wages, and vehicle-related bills. All this might mean that insurance is the last thing on a businesses’ to-do list. But the right cover can prove essential to the survival of a firm in some circumstances, even if it is sometimes not necessary to claim for years at a time. Computer contractor PII, as a cost, can also be recorded as a business expense for the purposes of taxation.

To first clear up a common question, PII simply stands for professional indemnity insurance. It is a type of cover popular with almost any business which provides professional advice, from architects to private medical practitioners.

It is designed to help cover somebody if they face a legal challenge following a mistake or omission or act of negligence committed during regular business. A genuine but serious error can lead to a client losing money, and this may prompt them to take legal advice on how they can recover costs. For example a computer contractor might be asked to install a software application on the computer network of a high-profile company. If the application then turns out to have a virus due to a mistake made by the contractor, damage may be done and money may be lost, leading to a legal claim. Computer contractor PII will help pay any legal bills which result from defending the action and will even cover the cost of compensation which might be awarded to the successful claimant.

Computer contract a PII can be tailored for a specific applicant. This means different levels of cover are available from thousands of pounds worth of bills up to millions of pounds worth of bills. Not every company will need masses of protection – and policies are normally priced accordingly. Excesses also apply, which can often be negotiated with the insurer to alter the costs.

In order to qualify for cover, the mistake someone is accused of making must be genuine and must not be malicious. An insurer will then payout for legal bills up to the limit of the policy, and it does not matter how long or how detailed the case gets – provided cover is in place, the solicitor’s fees will still be paid.

This can take the pressure off a business and enable it to go on running virtually as normal while still fighting a significant court battle. The alternative is obvious – a huge legal bill which could threaten the financial future of a company and all the associated stress which comes with such a situation. The average computer contractor PII policy can also include things like protection for breach of confidentiality or copyright, and can even include public liability – providing a safety net for the policyholder which may one day save the life of the business.

The benefits of adoption agency professional insurance

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Starting any new business is never a particularly straightforward job and some people might be put off by the thought of the paperwork needed to set up an adoption agency or work as an adoption consultant. To start with there are the usual tax implications, plus the likes of registering employees. However, when it comes to arranging adoption agency professional insurance, things can be simpler than many people might think.

A straightforward adoption agency insurance policy will include a level of professional indemnity insurance. This is sometimes known as PII, and is a form of cover taken out by many professionals and companies which provide advice to clients.

Over the last decade or so this kind of cover has arguably become more important thanks to a more legally aware society and the proliferation of solicitors’ firms offering to explore the legal potential of people’s complaints against companies and individuals. Professional indemnity cover helps protect an individual or agency in relation to legal liability which may occur during the normal conduct or exercise of the business. In short, it guards against any legal action which may result from a mistake or omission made by an adoption agency.

Adoption agency professional insurance could also protect the policyholder should they lose or damage documents belonging to someone else, infringe another company or individual’s copyright, or accidentally defame someone. The policy will normally pay for any legal bills which result from a related and relevant action. For example, if an adoption agency is sued by a client following a mistake that was made in the course of the business, legal help will need to be hired to defend a case. Professional indemnity cover will pick up the bill which results, subject to certain excesses and limits.

An individual or firm will have to decide what level of limit is correct for them. Some firms may only want cover for legal bills up to around £50,000 for example, while others may feel a much higher amount is more appropriate. Whatever someone decides, adoption agency professional insurance could be a vital piece of administration which can be taken out before or even after a company is set up.

Adoption Agency Indemnity Insurance

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Why would you need Adoption Agency Indemnity Insurance? Setting up an adoption agency can be a rewarding and satisfying task. Successfully uniting the right adoptive parents with the right child is what every agency in the field strives for. However, the sector is not without its unfortunate hazards, although major disputes are still rare.

As a perceived expert in their field, an adoption agency professional is expected to deliver the best possible service and make the best possible judgements. Should a client decide mistakes have been made or that they have been treated unfairly, they could sue. In today’s climate, where the average member of the public is arguably more legally aware than they were previously, the chances of this could be higher. Volunteer agencies which are not part of a local council’s social services unit could be at particular risk.

An adoption agency provides a service which carries a good degree of emotional attachment – there is likely to be a good deal of upset caused by a perceived or actual mistake. Therefore the likelihood that aggrieved prospective parents will consult a solicitor is arguably even higher.

A legal case is not only a stressful experience, but also usually an expensive one. Hiring a legal expert will probably involve thousands of pounds even if a case is won. Thankfully, insurance policies exist which cover an individual or company if they face such circumstances.

Adoption agency indemnity insurance is designed to provide protection in the event a legal case arises related to a mistake made during the conduct of an adoption agency’s regular business. Put simply, it will cover any legal costs of defending a case once a successful claim is made. It will even pay out the compensation which may be awarded to a complainant by a court, although there will be set limits to this.

Cover will also typically be provided if a policyholder faces a case alleging that they have breached confidence or copyright, or if they face being sued for libel after committing unintentional defamation.

Most types of adoption agency indemnity insurance will even help out with the costs of defending a case right from an initial hearing all the way to an appearance at the high court, should this arise, providing complete legal peace of mind for the business.

Getting a Computer Contractors Insurance Quote

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There is no denying that computer contractors insurance is essential for any professional computer contractor. Many companies will not allow you onsite unless you have some form of insurance to protect both you and them from injury or damage whilst you are on the premises. Ideally the company hiring you should have some form of insurance to protect themselves, but you will also need insurance to protect yourself if something were to go wrong. Unfortunately finding a good deal on computer contractors insurance is not always easy. So just how can you get a good computer contractors insurance quote?

Understanding Your Computer Contractors Insurance Quote
When you are looking for a computer contractor’s insurance quote, you have two main options. Either getting a quote online or getting one offline. There are a number of things that will affect your quote and these include:

  • What level of cover you are looking for?
  • If you have claimed on a previous contractors insurance policy
  • Whether you predict a problem in the near future
  • Which type of insurance you require

You will mainly be offered a choice between basic and premium computer contractors insurance and so your quote will depend upon which one you choose. Premium insurance will include extras such as extra legal cover and advice whenever you need it.
The level of cover will make a big difference to your quote. Ideally you will want to get enough coverage to cover your business turnover. The less coverage you choose, the lower your computer contractor’s insurance quote will be.
If you have had contractors insurance before and you have had to make a claim then that could be used against you. Obviously insurers want to insure people who are less likely to make a claim as that way the company is making more money. If they have to pay out then that loses them money. So if you are proven to be unreliable then you could end up with a higher contractor’s insurance quote.
Overall computer contractors insurance is essential and therefore it makes sense to do everything you can to get the lowest computer contractors insurance quote.