Protecting against legal claims with Graphic Design Professional indemnity cover

February 5, 2009 · Filed Under graphic design professional indemnity cover 

Graphic design professional indemnity cover is a type of insurance policy which will protect your business if it ever faces a legal claim following a mistake or omission. It is used by a number of companies in the industry as a safety net should they ever face the prospect of being sued. Even straightforward errors can lead to a court case in the right circumstances, and this type of protection will pay your legal costs.

Professional indemnity cover is taken out not just by graphic designers but by any form of business which provides advice and consultancy on a professional basis. The normal wording of a policy means you’re covered if you are accused of making an omission, or committing an act of negligence or any mistake which leads to the financial injury of a client.

You may feel that the case levelled against you has no justification, but a policy will protect you regardless of how valid the claim is. Even unrealistic claims have to be defended in court, which means running up a legal bill. Graphic design professional indemnity cover will protect you right from the first court appearance all the way through to the high court if necessary, subject to the limitations of your policy.

This kind of cover will not pay out indefinitely, and there will be a clear limit on the amount of legal costs the company will cover you for. A careful decision about what you will need can help you avoid the risk of being under insured if you ever need to claim. Often people consider the size of their clients and the size of their company. Those with bigger clients may feel they want a higher level of protection.

Graphic design professional indemnity cover does not have to be overly expensive, and you can arrange an excess, as with any other kind of insurance policy. This is essentially an amount you agree to pay before the insurance kicks in, so on a policy with £80,000 worth of cover you might agree to cover the initial £1,000, but this condition may possibly lead to a cheaper premium.


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