Protecting your livelihood with management consultants professional indemnity insurance

September 17, 2010 · Filed Under Management Consultant Professional Indemnity Insurance 

Unfortunately, running a business isn’t just about bringing the money in and keeping your customers happy. As part of the day-to-day running of your company, one thing you may need to ensure is that you have the necessary protection in place should something go wrong and a claim is made against you, your company or an employee. And that is where management consultants professional indemnity insurance is designed to help.

Management consultants insurance may be considered important for anyone who runs a business and wishes to protect it against potential financial losses caused by a claim being made against it.

In fact, with some trades, such as Accountancy, you are legally obliged to have the cover.

Policy benefits

Having risk management in place in the form of professional indemnity insurance may help your business survive if something accidentally goes wrong that causes perceived financial harm or other loss to another party. There are profession-specific forms of professional indemnity cover and, often, different levels of protection too.

Why professional indemnity insurance?

Consider this – would your business survive if it was faced with a claim of negligence against it? One claim could quite simply wipe out your business’s financial resources. But having the financial protection of professional indemnity insurance in place may help stop this (any claim paid would be up to a pre-agreed financial claim limit).

Is it really necessary?

You may believe that management consultants professional indemnity insurance is an expensive, unnecessary overhead. However, do remember that any business, no matter how well run, can face substantial claims against them.

And with Court awards rising sharply in recent years, it may be worth seriously considering professional indemnity insurance.

Buying it

So, where do you go if you want to buy professional indemnity insurance for management consultants?

Tailor made, bespoke insurance is available with some specialist professional indemnity insurance providers, meaning typically that you can often get cover that is specific to the nature of your business.

Even the tightest of run companies may face the prospect of financial ruin should a claim be made against it. Management consultants professional indemnity insurance may help alleviate this worry.


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