What does graphic design professional indemnity cover do?

January 5, 2009 · Filed Under graphic design professional indemnity cover 

In a more legally aware society, a professional’s chances of having to face a court case have arguably increased. Those who provide professional services and or advice could be at particular risk as clients rely on them to deliver work which boosts their business and earns them more money. If a mistake is ever made, even by a graphic designer, someone could lose a considerable amount of cash and seek redress through the courts. In such circumstances graphic design professional indemnity cover could prove a lifeline.

Professional indemnity cover is a type of insurance taken out by many people who provide professional, creative, and advisory services. It protects them if they ever have to defend an action in court, i.e. if they are sued. Most policies will protect someone if they are accused of making an omission, committing an error or act of negligence which resulted in some kind of financial loss.

Even claims which have no basis will have to be defended if they reach court. This means hiring legal experts, and in turn running up a big bill. Graphic design professional indemnity cover will pay someone’s legal bills while they defend the case, and will even cover the cost of any compensation that might be awarded.

A simple mistake in a piece of promotional material could lose a company money, and this is why graphic designers often take out this type of policy. How much cover someone needs must be decided by themselves, with a little guidance from an insurance company. A firm which operates on a small scale with smaller clients will not need as much cover as an agency employing dozens of people, for example.

Policies normally also protect against defamation allegations, breaches of confidence or copyright, and even if someone happens to lose important data or documents belonging to a client.

Excesses can also be arranged, as with your common all-garden car insurance policy, which will also affect your premium. Graphic design professional indemnity cover will even protect you if the claim made against you is successful – the validity of the allegation will not affect your insurance.


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