What protection graphic design professional indemnity cover provides

April 5, 2009 · Filed Under graphic design professional indemnity cover 

What many businesses fear most above a slowdown in trade or straightforward problem with a client is a big legal claim. Legal action can sometimes be an expensive proposition because you will typically need to hire law professionals to help defend your case. Graphic designers as designated experts in their field, are arguably at particular risk. Hired sometimes to help change the direction of a company, re-brand it, or deliver a winning design for a sales campaign, they may get the blame if things do not go to plan. Therefore graphic design professional indemnity cover is a common product taken up by many people working in the sector.

Indemnity insurance works in roughly the same way as any other cover product. You simply pay a premium and in exchange the insurer agrees to pay out towards your costs if you claim successfully having ended up on the wrong end of a legal claim. It will normally guard against allegations you have made a mistake, omission, or even committed an act of negligence. To give an example, a company might hire you to design a new layout for their website which might be underperforming. Due to what they think is an error, it may end up not only failing to improve their web performance but actually worsen it, possibly ending with a legal action.

Of course this is a worst case scenario when it comes to many disputes. Not every argument ends in legal action, but when a lawyer’s letter does arrive it is a stressful and potentially expensive experience. Indemnity cover simply pays your legal fees, paying out for the professional help you will need to defend your case. It even covers the cost of compensation should it be awarded to a successful complainant.

Graphic design professional indemnity cover will also guard against allegations that you have breached copyright or confidence and also often pays out towards allegations that you have lost or damaged a client’s important data or documents, and even covers defamation.

Graphic design professional indemnity cover can even be bought which includes public liability insurance if you feel you need it. You can also tailor the cover limit on your policy, specifying a higher or lower level according to the size of your business and what you think you will need.


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