Why you could worry less about legal action with private investigator professional insurance

June 16, 2009 · Filed Under private investigator professional insurance 

Peace of mind, be it in the form of car insurance or a pension, can be invaluable in the right circumstances and is equally important in professional business. Private investigators, as hired professionals, have a duty of care and responsibility to their clients to deliver accurate information. But should a client ever feel an investigator has acted improperly and has given them erroneous information, they could be at risk of legal action. Whether an accusation is right or wrong, it will normally have to be defended properly which can mean hiring legal help which can be expensive. But private investigator professional insurance can help protect a business against these risks, by paying some or all of the legal fees associated with the case.

Investigators carry out highly specialist work which can involve gathering information, taking photographs, and monitoring people at a distance. They may then be asked to provide a report to a client, which the client may then use to make a crucial decision. If the information provided later turns out to be false, the client may seek compensation for the mistake, particularly if it has somehow lost them money or caused them harm.

Private investigator professional insurance often includes elements such as public liability insurance and professional indemnity. Public liability cover will typically protect a client in the event that they face a legal claim from the third party, such as a personal injury claim, while indemnity cover protects against claims from clients that you have made a mistake, error, omission, or act of negligence.

Both of these things can lead to court cases which can be expensive to defend and even more expensive if compensation is awarded against you. Both types of cover can help to pay your legal costs up to set limits, and even cover money which is awarded against you by the court.

The limit on a policy is decided when it is taken out, and different levels are often available on a sliding scale from most insurance companies. The policyholder simply has to name a level which they think is appropriate to their business. Here it is important not to end up under or over insured. A level which is too high may incur a premium which is more expensive than you need, while a level which is too low could see your cover run out towards the end of a case and leave you picking up the rest of the bill.

Private investigator professional insurance typically also provides protection for a wide range of eventualities, including the loss or damage to a client’s important data or documents, allegations of breach of confidence or copyright and defamation. It even typically covers against claims which may be made against an investigation agency that its employees have acted dishonestly an defrauded a client, for example.

The job of an investigator can be tricky enough without having to deal with a legal case and potentially pay out thousands of pounds in legal fees. Private investigator professional insurance is therefore seen as essential by some firms who have used it cover court-related expenses and have found it has even kept their firm afloat when without cover the court action would have led to financial disaster.


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